Our state of the art facility in Brisbane is one of a few to have earned GMP certification in QLD.

We know the highest quality ingredients are critical to achieve safe and effective products. That’s why we maintain nutrient integrity by maintaining control of every ingredient throughout the entire making process. We conduct thorough analysis to ensure ingredient are free of heavy metals, pesticides, dirt and other fillers that can potentially find their way into natural materials. Final products are tested for quality and purity and to verify that what appears on the label is what is found in every product. When it comes to ingredients and raw materials, AHRD are very critical. We conduct screening and auditing with all of our vendors. Testing ingredients for potency and contamination when they first arrive. If raw materials do not meet our strict standards, they are sent back to the vendor at their expense. This process ensures that we get the best pick of the crop. The objective is to consistently provide pure, potent and naturally derived products that are proven, predictable and have repeatable results.

The facility contains an on-site Quality Assurance laboratory, where CofAs, MSDSs, retain samples of bulk manufactured goods and finished goods are kept and maintained. Laboratory equipment temperature controlled ovens, pH meters, viscometers and pycnometer.

Manufacturing begins in the issuing room, where ingredients are measured to follow the strict recipe developed in our innovation lab or provided by the customer. This happens on a large scale, where every formula is carefully measured to the milligram. Once the batch is done, it is sent to the mixing, blending and combining rooms.

Some of the processes we carry out include blending, milling and compressing. Our systems are designed to eliminate direct or cross-contamination. The formulas are evenly blended in AHRD pharmaceutical-grade equipment and meticulous product testing is conducted from start to finish, to ensure foreign microbes aren’t present in raw ingredients or introduced during manufacturing.

  • 2000 Litre tank mixers
  • 500 Litre tank mixers
  • Various smaller mixing vessels
  • Liquid and cream filling lines
  • Tube fillers
  • Sachet filler
  • Drum roller for bath salts

We manufacture in accordance with ISO 22716 Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practises – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (15 May, 2008) to ensure that quality is built into our entire operation. Most of these practices are required by the Australian Government. The most notable procedure is our uniform, all manufacturing staff are issued a clean uniform everyday. Visitors are given lab coats and everyone must wear a hair net, beard cover and shoe covers.