Hand Sanitiser Manufacturer #makingitforqld

22nd March 2020

We are the Queensland manufacturer fulfilling the world’s demand for hand sanitiser, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our product development team had begun working on a hand sanitiser, clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs many weeks before the global outbreak occurred. However, being able to supply the enormous demand for this product has been a challenge. AHRD would be unable to achieve over 1.5 million units of hand sanitiser without the support, flexibility and positive response from our Australian packaging manufacturers. We would like to thank our good friends from Hally Labels in Brisbane who have gone above and beyond to service our current needs. We have now successfully exported over half a million units of our Australian made hand sanitiser, worldwide. Manufacturing of Skin Nutrient™ hand sanitisers continues, we have forecast production for over 2 million units and that number continues to rise. Australian consumers will be able to purchase Skin Nutrient hand sanitiser varieties from their local Woolworths Supermarkets very shortly. The hand sanitisers are also in stock and available via our website: www.skinnutrient.com.au Thank you to our dedicated team, we could not achieve this massive feat, in just a few short weeks without you!

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